Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Name: Crystal BrowningStudent’s Name: BrendonStudent’s Graduation Year: 2012Your Birthday: Dec 1, 1983Blog:

Right now I am living in Springfield, IL with my family of four! Brendon and I have been married for 7.5 years, and have two little girls: Brielle (5) and Aislynn (2). I spend my days taking my kids all over... preschool, dance class, the library, and playgroups. I play with my kids a lot, hang out with friends often, clean my house sometimes, and constantly try to help Brendon stay on the ball with everything he has going on these days! Our family has been traveling a lot recently in order to attend some residency interviews with Brendon. It has been both really fun and really stressful!
1 I dyed my hair blonde on a regular basis when I was a teenager.
2 I went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.
3 I am flying to Texas this month to see my Great-Grandmother.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nicole's lie is...

Lie: Not quite a bionic knee, although I do indeed have only 50% or less of the cartilage in my left knee.

Ashley's lie is...

#2, that would be too cold for this girl!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley Beal!

Name:  Ashley Beal  
Student’s Name: Eric Beal
Student’s Graduation Year: 2013 
Your Birthday: Nov. 22, 1982
-Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Well...I'm super cool for one.  Um...I'm turing 29 this year and that just sounds too old.  I don't like get older but I guess it's time to start dealing with it, am I right? Okay so I am originally from Layton, Utah.  I met my hubby while we were attending Utah State University.  He was dating my roommate but it wasn't scandalous so no judging!  He and I had the same major which was Exercise Science.  We have 2 little kiddos now, Nixon who is 1 and Bostyn who is 3.  We are living in PA for rotation years.  I love to run!  I've ran 3 marathons so far and hope to do many more.  My other passion is photography!  I also love hiking, camping and shopping. And whelp I guess that's pretty much it! 

Two truths and a lie:
1 I have a big birthmark on my bum.
2 I've hiked the highest peak in Venezuela. 
3 My favorite song is "Crash into Me" by Dave Matthews Band.

Happy Birthday Nicole Anderson!

Name: Nicole Anderson 
Student’s Name: Talon Anderson
Student’s Graduation Year: In a million years 
Your Birthday: 11/22

-Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I hail from a little city in northern Utah where I moved when I was 13. I lived in Texas, Minnesota, California, and New Mexico before my family settled in Utah-- Medical School/Air Force-- so I know the drill. I have a bachelors in English and Psychology and a Masters in Political Science. I was a high school teacher, hence the need to "talk loud" and get people's attention. I love traveling to distant lands, meeting interesting people, reading Shakespeare, skiing deep powder, hiking steep peaks, running- still learning to love this one- and then coming home to my killer attractive husband. 

Two truths and a lie:
1 I have a bionic knee
2 I have lived with a Dutch woman 
3 I have taken every standardized test available MINUS the MCAT & DMAT.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kristine's lie is...

Lie is :That I have been stung by scorpions four times.  I have had two climb up my pant leg, but luckily have never been stung!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Carlotta's lie is....

The lie...I'm not really pregnant.
Name: Kristine Cluff Student’s Name: Charles CluffStudent’s Graduation Year: 2012Your Birthday: November 11thBlog: is private so just ask for an invite.

  My husband and I are in our fourth year of medical school and have loved our time here in Kirksville.  He actually has an interview TODAY with Kirksville, so fingers crossed!!! I was born in Cedar City, Utah, but lived in Arizona from the time I was two until we moved to Kirksville.  Chuck and I met at an Easter Pageant where he was playing an angel and I was a Pageant Warrior (aka Security/clean-up crew).  We have been married nine years on November 22nd and have four kids Connor-7, Rachel-5, Megan-4 and Natalie-11months.  I love to blog, read, play with my kids, try to craft, go on walks, play Just Dance, watch movies, spend way too much time on Pinterest and other craft blogs and especially love being with my husband and having our whole family together.  This journey has been such an amazing and growing adventure for me and I have loved all the wonderful people we have met and friends we have made along the way.  

Two Truths and a Lie:
1. I am the 3rd of 8 kids and my husband is the oldest of 10 kids
2. Living in Arizona I have had my fair share or scorpions and have been stung four times
3. I am a huge Jane Austen fan!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Carlotta Stevens!

Name: Carlotta StevensStudent’s Name: Paul Stevens
Student’s Graduation Year: 2012...Oh yeah!!!!Your Birthday: Nov 10, 1983

I'm a full time mother and wife, which is fabulous! I love ice cream, reading, learning, being in the great outdoors, sewing, and crunchy things....piles of leaves, chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, nuts, ice, chips, gravel roads, popcorn, etc. Weird...I know! But true, none the less.

two truths and a lie:
1 I'm pregnant.
2 I'm learning Spanish.
3 I hate shopping.