Saturday, September 27, 2008

A fun Children's Social
Click the link to see the fun Children's social planned by Angie Castle and Tiffany Hillam.
We went to the Conservation Center (it's south on Highway 63, just passed the Day's Inn. It's on the west side of the street) We had an instructional speech on frogs and toads, saw some in real life, and even saw a bat. The lady told us we would be going in a cave and my first thought was, 'how come i've never known about a cave in Kirksville? and is Chloe dressed okay for a cave?' Pretty sure, I then turned around and saw the "pretend" cave made of a big black tarp! The kids had a great time and I'm okay with knowing that K-ville still doesn't have a cave. FYI the closest cave is in Hannibal (about 90 miles away)
Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super September project night

Last night we had our September project night, hosted and created by Danika Humphreys. She came up with this wonderful fall decoration. Here is picture of how mine turned out, but based on what i saw last night the possibilities were endless.
Here's what you need: (1)4 cut 2x6 blocks. (Danika cut all 200 or so of ours. Go Danika) (2)Choose an acrylic paint color you like such as brown, red, tan, cream or even black. (You buy these at walmart. They come in a small tube and cost around $1) You need to have a craft store near you that sells (3)wood letters. They are also fairly inexpensive. (4) Sand paper. (5) fallish pieces of scrapbook paper cut to the size of your wood. (6)ModPodge (sold at any craft store of Walmart). (7) Tacky glue. It comes in a brown container. You could also do a hot glue gun or Danika said the modPodge would also work as an adhesive. Now...
Here's what we did: Paint you letters first so they can be drying. Next, start sanding the edges of you blocks so you get all the loose pieces of wood off and so they have a nice edge. Paint each side of your block. Once your blocks are dry, apply a nice layer of ModPodge to the top of your block, add paper and smooth down to get bubbles out. Next, put a thin layer of ModPodge over the paper. This will create a "finished" look and it will be a bit shiny. Finally, put a small amount of the tacky glue to the back of your letter and position on your block. You're done.
**A few people there also lightly sanded their letters and the edges of their blocks, when dry, for a different look.
Thanks Danika for a terrific night and a fabulous keepsake!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Check out the "getting to know you" slideshow.
**I am working on figuring this out. I think my powerpoint was a little too big. I may just have to splash people's photos on here occasionally. Thanks for checking the blog, though.