Saturday, February 7, 2009

A fun fun meeting

We had a really informative and fun meeting last Thursday.
Some things to get excited for (covered at the meeting)
FEBRUARY FORMAL-Friday 13th. Dress nice, it'll be worth it.
OSTEOPATHIC FUN RUN-Come run, walk, direct the runners, cheer, volunteer...get into the spirit of the run.

Here are some pics of the night.

Tamra R and Krystal came up with a really funny game to get people up and out of their seats. We were each in a group of 7. We each had to individually chose something we could do based on a list that Tamra and Krystal read to us. And this wasn't an ordinary list!

Note: I tried my best to gets shots of everyone, but some of the, uh, demonstrations were a little tricky to capture. See if you can guess what they're doing. I will label each picture. Tamra-burping, yes burping, the ABC's. Someone shouted "what kind of game is this?" Tara Wilde-describing a new illness she invented having something to do with a fever in her feet. Brita-wiggling her ears. Another made up illness.

These 4 beauties all did cartwheels.

You probably guessed this one.

Oh Mandy, she sang twinkle twinkle little star in a very lovely Opera voice.

Jaime-demonstrating Incy Wincy spider.

You probably guessed-Melissa M doing a head stand.
Maren and Tara-the splits(pretty creative)

Doing an SAA cheer.

Stephanie-barking like a dog. (well, it was more of a puppy!)

Yep, another headstand.
This is just a sampling of the delishiousness we get to eat at the meetings. Thanks Devri.
Prego and doing the splits. Don't we have talent in the SAA.
Saved this for last. She is drawing a picture with her foot. Go Amber.
And to everyone else. We loved all of your crazy antics, as well.
As for me...I yoddled and it was about as good as a yoddle could get. Er...nevermind.
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