Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Beth Gardner!!

Name: Beth GardnerStudent’s Name: TaylorStudent’s Graduation Year: 2016Your Birthday: 2/24/89Blog:

-Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I grew up in a small rural town in Maryland. I graduated from BYU, where I met my husband, Taylor. We moved to Kirksville in August and have been loving...well, mostly just living the Med School life! During the week, I babysit for the family of a 2nd year student (twin 10 month old girls = so so so many smiles). I love reading, wrapping up in blankets, fast food, thick warm socks, sledding, watching Downton Abbey, and finding time to spend with my hubs!

*If you could eat at any restaurant for your birthday, what would it be?
I'm definitely missing Cafe Rio... Kirksville needs to get one ASAP! Sweet pork salad and a vanilla coke = yummmmmmmmm

*What is one thing most people don't know about you?
I HATE cheese... like really really hate it. I think it always looks delicious, presented so beautifully on platters next to crackers, smothered on burritos, and yummy cheesecake, but it has always tasted so so gross to me (except on greasy pizza, which I <3 nbsp="" span="">

*What was the best job you ever had?
Coldstone Creamery! I got half off and made some awesome creations... downside was I gained like 15 lbs in 6 months haha

*What would be your perfect day?
A day at the beach! Give me some tanning lotion, Grotto's pizza and a good book and I'm the happiest girl in the WORLD!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Erica Lambert!!

Name: Erica LambertStudent’s Name: Reed LambertStudent’s Graduation Year: 2016Your Birthday: 02-18-87Blog:
-Tell us a little bit about yourself:I was born in North Dakota, but have also lived in Montana, Nebraska, Idaho and now Missouri! I am an elementary school teacher & reading specialist. Currently, I am at home with my 1 1/2 year old daughter, Elliana.  I plan to stay home for a few years, but look forward to getting back in the classroom!  I am trying to remember to enjoy the journey as we continue on the road through medical school!
*How did you and your significant other meet? I graduated from a very small school. Because the schools are so small, it isn't uncommon to have a prom date from another town. During my high school years, I went to 6 proms. I went to a prom in the town Reed is from and became best friends with his sister. She is older than me, and when she left for college, Reed and I began dating! 
*What was the best job you ever had?   Before Reed and I moved to Kirskville, I was a Junior Varsity girls' basketball coach.  I was only 21 when I started, so although the age difference was very small between me and my oldest players (18) I absolutely LOVED those young ladies. I would have definitely done it for free. Besides my family and friends, coaching was the hardest thing to leave behind! I could cry just thinking about it.
*What is your favorite season and why? I love love love the spring.  In North Dakota, where I am from, it's not uncommon for the temperature to stay below zero for weeks at a time in the winter. We generally have endless frost bite warnings, and the wind chill can easily get to 50 below!  When the temperature starts to rise in the spring it's awesome! I'm usually in shorts and sandals by 40 degrees!
*When was the last time you cried? When do I not cry? I probably cry at least once a week, if not more. I cry about everything. I cry when I'm mad, sad or happy. I cry at movies, commercials, and especially when Elliana does something cute! If you haven't seen me cry, you will.