Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Josilyn Olsen!!!

Name: Josilyn Olsen (Jossi for short)
Student’s Name: Ryder Olsen
Student’s Graduation Year: 2014
Your Birthday: July 23
Blog: I have every intention to start one someday, but for now, I'm not a blogger. I'm still under my maiden name on facebook, Josilyn Robinson.

I'm from the quaint town of Pleasant Grove, Utah. I've lived there my entire life, aside from a small amount of time I spent in Texas for school. I graduated in public health from Utah Valley University in 2009 and married my incredible husband in 2010. I have a dog named Tank (the name fits him very well). I look at life as one big adventure and am always ready to take on my next challenge. My husband is on the HPSP scholarship, so it's been interesting for us to adopt so many lifestyle changes at once (med school, moving, military, etc.), but I strive everyday to enjoy each change to the fullest and come out of each experience having learned something new. I have many hobbies, especially when it comes to the outdoors and exercise. I love to bike, hike, camp, ski/snowboard, play sports and practice yoga (the list could go on and on). Since I've been married, I've found joy in many domestic activities too. I love to decorate, entertain, cook, read and craft (who knew). I love meeting new people and am always open to creating new relationships.
Two truths and a lie about me:
1. I'm a wedding planner at home in Utah.
2. I hate chocolate.
3. I would rather spend an entire day shopping in a whole foods grocery store than shopping anywhere for clothes.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stephanie's lie is....

Lie: Don't think I could handle ten children, but maybe five or six. We'll see if I change my mind after another child. :)
(I'm featured on "In Search of Angels"--appropriate, don't you think--written by my grandpa Arvin S. Gibson.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Stephanie Holmes!!

Stephanie Holmes
Brendon Holmes
July 9

Brendon & I have been married for almost four years. We have one busy 16-month-old and one baby due December 2nd. We are currently living in Utah for rotations and are hoping for residency in California. I love running, cooking, baking, blogging, and playing games.

2 truths and a lie:

I am featured on a book cover.
My favorite food group is fruit.
I want ten children.